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Name: Chloe Dreyar

Age: 8 years old

Gender: Female

Type of Wizardy: Darkness manipulation. This is a very unique type of magic unique to her and it is unknown whether someone else can perform. What she can do is take all the light or darkness from an area and either banish the light or strengthen the darkness. She can also solidify darkness to form minions, weapons, or attacks to fire at an opponent. While she is doing this Chloe is almost invisible. She can also create illusions of herself and others to fool her opponents. She also naturally turns her eyes blue when using this magic which allows her to see in the dark. It is almost like Chloe traps them in her little realm of her own control, being the darkness. This type of magic has gotten her the infamous nickname, "The Night Maiden" The downside to this is that she must wait a long time for all of her powers to activate and only when she  is fully active will she be invisible.

Guild: Fairy Tail

Special Role: Guild master of Fairy Tail

Appearance: Chloe Dreyar 303663-bigthumbnail

Chloe is small for an eight year old, and appears extremely scrawny. She has long black hair which is down to her lower back. Her eyes are naturally blue but glow a neon color when she uses them to see in the dark. She wears a black jacket and not much under it. Also she wears black shorts but most of the time they are also under her jacket. She will do just about anything in jacket, only changing what is under it. She may appear very immature from the outside, but she will kill anyone who says she looks childish.

Love Interest: Maybe....

Personality: Chloe on the outside may appear very shy. She doesn't like to talk much, but when she does, she is extremely smart and wise, much beyond her years. She is extremely kind and will try and help anyone, which could lead to quick decisions during her first times as guild leader. She is always trying to live up to everyone's expectations for her to be as powerful as Makarov. She has her fears however, which include heights, small spaces, and being alone. She can make herself into a confident and intimidating silhouette using her darkness magic along with that she inherited from Makarov. While like this she is extremely confident and appears and sounds like a normal 30 year old.

Likes: Her friends, Her guild, Her jacket, Boys, Candy, Darkness

Dislikes: Her enemies, Dark Guilds, Strangers, Light, Disrespect, Most Childish things

History: Having been born away from Makarov, Chloe never knew the man was her grandfather. She was raised by two great wizards all the same, and they constantly pushed her. The way they did this was by forcing her into her fears, which at the time was the dark. She was never allowed to have the lights on and was blindfolded whenever she went out. Because of this she had a lot of fear filled moments, but like her parents planned, all these did was make her stronger. She developed multiple ways to control the darkness such as her manipulation magic and glowing eye. After this however she discovered she was more comfortable in darkness. It was now time for her to put her new magic to the test so she joined up with her parents old guild, Fairy Tail. While she never directly was at the guild hall, she was out performing missions from her own home, becoming more and more powerful with each one. At the age of 8 she became the youngest wizard ever to make S-Class, much to the surprise of the wizard council. The council decided to make her an S-Class wizard on paper but try to keep her existence a secret, for the wizard community would not approve of someone so young getting that honor. She was completely fine with this until less then two months later. It was then that she was contacted with the Fairy Tail Guild master who in a very heartfelt letter revealed he was her grandfather. Also in the same letter he decided he would retire and left the guild to her. The council of course was not happy, but Chloe accepted the role. It was an established law that the guildmaster choose his succesor and the council was not allowed to interfere. Now it is Chloe trying to live up to Makarov's name.

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