The Tree Dragon Slayer, Seikan.

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The Tree Dragon Slayer, Seikan. Empty The Tree Dragon Slayer, Seikan.

Post by SeikanEkasin on Tue Jun 03, 2014 6:51 pm

Name: Seikan.

Age: 19, and celebrates his birthday on July 3ed.

Gender: Male

Type of Wizardry : Tree Dragon Slayer.


Tree Dragon, Roar: Range. (Far)

Seikan focuses all of his magic into his mouth not opening it all when it charging. It slowly gets compressed getting compressed and even becoming the equivalent of wood. Once Seikan is ready to fire he opens his mouth and a blast of green magic flies out to hit into the enemy like a log. The more power put into it the longer t the more energy it will transfer to the enemy. It takes Seikan 30 seconds to store up half of his magic power which is max. The beam flys out as far as 100 ft but Seikan usually tries to get up close to fire it off not being the best of shots.  At a 30 second hit is enough to knock someone into whatever the beam hits into. Most of the blasts damage comes in when they hit into something, the the magic pounds them into whatever dispelling the energy into them and the thing they pinned against. If the person doesn't hit into anything the move will leave them with a broken bone at best.

Tree Dragon, New Bark: This is a passive skill that slowly replaces skin that is burnt or damaged, however he can put magic into this spell and make it be useful in combat peeling off the equivalent of a limb’s burnt skin and replacing it with new skin, in about 2 posts. It takes very little magic.  

Dragon Wooden Scale armor: Seikan’s skin grows into wooden tree scales, the wood is flexible to move with his body with out limiting it much, but still weighs down slightly on him. How ever this protects him from any attack much better it. The scale armor allows him to use his Limit abilities, these abilities start to test the limits of what Seikan’s lungs can handle.

Transcend the Limit, Tree Dragon magic:  Seikan can use this move with his skin and puts only slight strain on magic. Seikan gets carbon from the air turns it into oxygen and infuses it with his blood. This gives his extra energy but only a very slight amount. This can speed him up about 2 times more than normal, but other then that there are much more powerful forms of this spell, but this one has the less amount of strain on his body.

Break the Limit: This move is a stronger version of  Transcend the Limit and is very draining on magic and energy. The move makes his skin take in carbon and turn it into oxygen, the oxygen gets put right into his bloodstream giving him a lot more oxygen to fight with then normal. The oxygen he gets also helps to make his limbs move faster since they have 10 times as much oxygen to work with. In this mode Seikan can perform about 10 times as better physically. Seikan has not been able to use this move from more than 10 min yet, tiring it out at the 10 min point.

Secret Art, Air Tree Dragon: Cataclysmic Limit Break, Arborius Forbidden Magic: This is the strongest spell Seikan know’s but the most dangerous. To use this spell Seikan must have the scale armor on. This is the  even stronger version of limit break. Seikan’s skin and armor start taking in large amounts of carbon. Instead of using all the carbon fused with his blood stream Seikan makes it turn into energy and circle his whole body, this makes a mix of tree magic and air magic. Half of the oxygen goes to Seikan’s heart that goes into overdrive to pump blood through his whole body to keep up with the supply of air. This puts a great strain on all of his body but  gives Seikan a few  things he can do. Seikan in this mode can use the air around his body to give him a burst of speed letting him jump up 10 ft in the air or perform a dash. Seikan’s punches and kicks also have more of a punch to them using the air circling his body as psi to knock someone back. this move tires out Seikan very fast though and he has only been able to restand the strain of it for 3 min, after that his heart starts to give out even being able to burst from all the strain being put on it.

Fighting Style: Open handed fighting style similar to karate.

Guild : Fairy Tail


Clothing: Seikan wares camo pants nearly all the time. He also as a green trench coat that goes down to his knees but he doesn't wear that while fighting. Other than that Seikan wares any shirt he feels like at the time, usually being a plane red, or green shirt though.

Hair: Seikan’s Hair is a dark red and is very wavy.Seikan’s hair becomes more curly the longer it gets. It is straight as a ruler at first then starts to curve.

Back of the head: His hair goes back into a slight arch going arching very slightly. If his hair is allowed to grow out enough this arch will start to become very curly. Seikan’s hair goes halfway down his neck.

Bangs: Seikan cuts his bangs short enough to keep out of his eye’s but so they stop at about 1 inch above his eye’s. He also brushes his bangs back letting his hair fall into place which usually has his hair swept in left or right, meaning all his hair curve’s left or right.

Sides: The sides curved up like the back of his head, but also natural go backwards, avoiding his ear by going up and around it. The sides of his hair then merge with the hair in the back, usually except for a few strains that hand down.

Eyes: Seikan’s eye’s have jet black pupils, but change color based on what color leaves/fruits that grow on trees. For example if he is holding a red apple his eye’s will turn the red of the apple. His eye’s don't stay the color for longer than 1 hour though changing back to a jet black if he doesn't have anything to change the color again. The only time were his eye’s don't change is in winter were most trees dont have any leafs.

Figure: Seikan is 5ft 9, 150 pounds. Big boned, has strong legs and arms but aren't bulky more so than slim.

Skin: Seikan, has olive skin, making it harder for him to get sun burn.  Seikan has no scars on his skin yet and other then that has very clear skin, even though he lives outside most of the time.

Love interest:


ll Sleep ll Seikan likes his sleep only when he has pleasant dreams. He doesn't like being work up from his good dreams but will thank who ever wakes him up from a nightmare. He likes sleeping on cold and cool spring days in the forest, but likes sleeping in a forest in general, he does try switching up where he sleep’s though. .

ll Sad ll Seikan is always sad in some way expect in fights, in fights his mind clears itself of all his problems, he still hates this however because it makes him feel like he heartless when he fights. Seikan is usually the saddest on July 3ed and July 4th. This is because Arborius use to celebrate his birthday on July 3ed and the day after his 12th birthday Arborius disappeared leaving Seikan alone. Seikan can be found on July 3ed and 4th sculpting wooden figures of Arborius in the forest or near a cliff.

ll Alone ll Seikan has been alone for 8 years of his life after Arborius disappeared, this makes him doubt his father ever coming back sometimes, or even making a friend. He been alone so long that all his cool features like his eyes changing color he sees as something that scares people.

ll Semi Friendly ll Seikan is friendly but is scared about making friends because he doesn't want to be abandoned again by anyone. However Seikan doesn't like being rude so he will talk to people even explaining why he is sad if they ask sometimes. However once Seikan gets over this he is much more friendly, making friends and telling jokes whenever he can.

ll Doubt’s what he believes ll Seikan always doubts what he thinks is right about why he alone. He tells himself Arborius loved him and then sometimes starts to think he wanted to get away, it the being unsure part that nawls at Seikan most of his moments.

ll Straight faced humor ll Seikan doesn't laugh often and nearly never laughs at his own jokes putting on a straight face whenever he tells one. This is not because he is depressed but more that, that is what he was taught was funny. Seikan can be pretty funny but only at times and only when he not sad.

ll Keeps secrets he has been told secret. ll If Seikan has a friend he cares about he will never give away a secret that they told him, unless it was needed to save someone’s life, and even then he’ll have to think about it for a bit.





Having someone to talk to.

Being helped when he needs it.


Being alone. Except on July 4th, and Sometimes July 3ed.


People who hurt his friends.

Being sad around friends.


Seikan spent 12 year’s that he can remember with Arborius the tree dragon. Arborius accepted him as a son for him after finding a three  year old boy who was alone in the middle of a forest. Arborius found Seikan on July 3ed  and celebrated both of their birthdays on that day, even though it wasn't neither of their birthdays as far as he knew.  Sekan spent 9 years with Arborius, calling him his father and forgetting the fact he was left in the forest by his real dad.  Seikan never found out why he was left but didn't care about it that much. He spent all of his time with Arborius. Being raised by a Tree Dragon, Seikan was taught Tree Dragon Slayer magic. Arborius and Seikan spent 9 years together before he disappeared. It was the day after Seikan and Arborius celebrated their birthdays. This crushed Seikan causing him to cry for many weeks.Seikan used  roamed the woods for two years before deciding to move on. It was a hard chose to leave the woods he considered a home but he knew Arborius wouldn't want him to be all alone… he moved from the woods to just roam the world, mostly leaving off what he found in the forest. He started his roaming around at 15.  When he roamed  he would make most of his money by working on apple farms. He was a great worker and loved being near the tree’s so he usually got enough money to last him through the winter like that. Seikan’s life has been very uneventful since Arborius disappeared however he never made a single friend during the six years leaving him alone.

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The Tree Dragon Slayer, Seikan. Empty Re: The Tree Dragon Slayer, Seikan.

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