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Makarov Steps Down Empty Makarov Steps Down

Post by Princess Miku on Tue May 20, 2014 11:06 pm

While it may be tragic for many long time fans of the show, Master Makarov has officially stepped down as guildmaster of Fairy Tail. Now to answer any questions you have.

Why get rid of Makarov?

Well the reason for that is he is already such a broad and expandable character. He has such a big and branching back story which made him a very mature and experienced fighter and leader. This may be very good but doesn't fit into this site. The goal of this site is to create characters and put them through trials to make them better people. I also want this to be true for the guild master as well. So having the amazingly powerful Makarov during a "rebuilding" period is just not going to fit.

Will this apply to all canon characters?

For now, no. The current canon characters still have much room to grow such as Natsu learning to control his flames better and Leon learning to accept Ore's death. The reason I targeted Makarov is because his story is pretty much finished which doesn't feel well for an rp site. How would you feel if you typed, "Makarov cast Fairy Law" then a whole year later typing, "Makarov cast Fairy Law" While this may not be concrete, I may be removing Guild Arts.

Who will be the new Fairy Tail Guild leader?

Well the answer to that is something you might not expect. The new guildleader is gonna be none other than a partnership. It will be a partnership of Mirajane and Makarov's grandaughter Chloe. While Chloe is the guildleader on paper, she is quite unexperiened and Mirajane helps her with many things. I will go deeper into her backstory and struggles as guildmaster in her bio. Despite this she is a S class wizard.

If I want growth on this site, why is the new guildmaster S class?

While she may be a S class wizard on paper. She is shy, not intimdating, not good around people, and extremely young for the postion. Also she will have to deal with the growing amount of Fairy Tail recruits while she is not very respected. In addition to that, Fairy Tail was the number one guild under Makarov's watch, she needs to keep that up as well as try and become one of the wizard saints like Makarov.

Why not choose a canon character for guildmaster?

While it may be easy to say Erza or Natsu got the position, thats not what they do. People like him are just too hot headed and unstable to become a guild master. In addition to that, Natsu wasnt made to be a guildmaster. When his creators first made him, he was too be a fun protagonist and not a wise guildmaster. He just doesn't fit the role and neither do any of the other characters. Believe me, if this was a perfect world I would make Mystigan in charge but thats not what Mystigan does.

What will become of Makarov?

Even though he is no longer is guildmaster he is the fountain of wisedom he always was. He will be living in his home and Magnolia and is always open to help Fairy tail members. I know for a fact that people like Chloe and Natsu will visit him. He will still frequent the guild hall and fight battles alongside the Guild, just not lead them. For the record he, like almost all canon characters will be controlled by a player however this one must be an admin.
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