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Post by Kaiser on Sun Jun 01, 2014 8:32 pm

Name: Kaiser Vertigo

Age: 23

Gender: Male

Type of Wizardry (If any): Night God Slayer: it utilizes the properties of shadows and darkness itself to affect the physical properties of the caster. The user can use the darkness to make their physical strikes stronger, they can consume it to gain strength, and they can even use the shadows to defend against enemy attacks. This also allows him to produce darkness from any part of his body.
High Speed: a type of Caster Magic that allows the caster to move at extremely high speeds. However, despite the Magic's speed-increasing properties, it apparently cannot defend against any Magic used to intentionally slow the caster down

Guild (If any): Saber Tooth

Appearance (Pictures are helpful): Kaiser Vertigo 262479

Kaiser appears to be thin and bony at first look. He possesses somewhat unkempt and messy hair that constantly hangs about in his face and which Kaiser considers to be a constant nuisance. Despite only being average in height (5'6) he finds ways to make himself appear more intimidating than he truly is. His skin is as pale as alabaster, and his eyes, although unseen, are an piercing shade of green.. Yet, out of all of this, he tends to be seen with a small smirk that is normally rests on his lips. One that may or may not come with an ulterior motive.

While he will wear almost anything, he can often be found in, what he refers to as "performance wear", things such as dark jeans and decent purple shirt with black stripes shirts are surprisingly not seen as to laid back to him. He covers it in a black jacket and has a silver crown place precariously on his head. He will often wear a nice pair of dress shoes or even sneakers if he's feeling particularly lazy. Alistair often sports a ring on the middle index finger of his right hand.

Love interest: None at the moment

Personality: When one first meets Kaiser, seems arrogant, overbearing, selfish, and prone to make fun of his own comrades. He strives to be the strongest and looked down on those he considered weak, heavily reprimanding their weakness and even resolving to hurt them whenever they stepped in his path. Due to his outlook on his weak comrades he tends to care very reluctant in helping them he usually suggests that they had to give him something in order to acquire his help. Namely something they have that interest him or if they are men he asks for their manhood as 'they no longer need it'. The only things he appeared to truly care about were the strength and reputation of his group/team/crew, and he became enraged every time someone made fun of it. When enrage his actions become brutal, and his sense of humor becomes far more twisted than before.

Though around people he deem his equal or stronger than him, He comes off far more light-hearted. He lets off a few jokes and even shows a slight lecherous side to him (though to be honest he has no idea what he is doing). He can be a pretty uptight person and he is a bit OCD when it comes to the appearance things around him. He is very perceptive when it comes to things being out of place. He hates dirty and unkempt things which makes it hard for him to get along with others especially if they have a naturally unappealing appearance. He has habit of pointing out even the smallest flaw in one's appearance. Though once you get past that, he is kind and considerate person who is always willing to give his opinion on a subject.

On that note Kaiser loves his sister and will do almost anything to keep her safe. He goes even as far to keep his sister out of the guild to refrain her from learning magic. After going through hell and back with her he sometimes get worrisome over his sister at the slightest recollection.

Kaiser doesn't exactly understand women, or how exactly to speak and act around them for that matter. The only advice he ever received about them came from his father, he is meant to have a double standard when it comes to women. Rather then pointing at every little flaw as obviously and harshly as possible, he attempts to be subtle with it but he will fix something if it bothers him enough. Which usually either comes off as him being a pervert, no matter how pure his intention originally was. Sadly he is also horribly dense when it comes to women and their own feelings, causing him to do whatever he pleases; With whomever he pleases

Kaiser has quite a few hobbies, he likes to play the violin, read novels, and drink wine/coffee/tea in the dawn or dusk. He also has quite a few unexpected and could be considered womanly hobbies such as cooking, housekeeping, sewing, and even knitting. Yet he still has otherwise manly interests, though they mostly relate with guns and swords fortunately. Fun fact: he is also a habitual smoker.

Likes: His guild, God Slayers, Interesting prospects, His Sister, Sweet Rolls

Dislikes: Idiots, Children.. (there are some exceptions), Spitefulness, Hot Sauce, People taller than him.

History: History: Story time children, gather around as I tell you about Kaiser. He was born in Fiore, as the son of a slave. He was born to a mother and father, both of which worked in the mines. They didn't know what exactly they were mining but they did what they were told, and soon once Kaiser reached the age of 6 he joined them in the mines. It was hard, the guards showed him no compassion. They were just as quick to whip him to get him back to work as they were anyone else. Kaiser didn't understand why he was being treated like this or what it truly meant to be a slave but even at the age of 6 he knew he couldn't do anything against the bigger man. Every day, he felt pain beyond his wildest dream and with tears in his eyes he would drift quietly onto sleep.

Years went by, in that time Kaiser's little sister was born. Of course she wasn't his biological sister, his parents died from malnutrition when turned 7. When the young girl turned 6, like Kaiser she was thrown into the mines. Was it because she was younger than him or that he hadn't ever seen a child other than him be thrown into the mines? He didn't know but he was quick to show the new kid the ropes of the mines. It didn't take long, the girl was very smart for her age. She seemed to be able to do something Kaiser couldn't. Which was use her head to get out of horrible situations.

Kaiser was impressed by her superior mental ability, using just her head she was able to figure out a way for them to mine better using a lot less work. Though unfortunately the guards didn't like that. The first chance they got they swooped down on the girl and cracked their whips ready to beat the girl. Which was nothing out of the ordinary, but once the sound of a belt beginning to loosen did anyone raise an ear. It didn't take long for Kaiser to bring down his pick axe on one of the guards. Blood began to spill out from the guard's head. The other guards looked up at Kaiser, who had a wide grin on his face. The shock guards stood, stunned as Kaiser grabbed his little sister and began to flee from the guards. His goal was to escape the prison he was kept in, unfortunately it wasn't going to be easy. There were guards everywhere, each one wanting to take off his head.

With the help of a few other prisoners and the prisoner uprising that conveniently happened at the same time, Kaiser was able to get him and his sister out of there. For days they wandered in the forest surviving only on berries and leaves until they were found. The man that found them had a tattoo and wore a white and black armor. He only looked Kaiser and his sister and told them to come with him. With some convincing from his sister, Kaiser followed. Apparently the man was a member of the guild Sabertooth and decided to take the two children under his wing. Kaiser chose later to join the guild and his sister decided to stay and was sent to school, mostly by Kaiser's convincing.

As time went by Kaiser has trained with the man and went all over Fiore doing job after job, fighting for his guild and in turn gaining a name for himself. Over that time his sister left home in pursuit of becoming a doctor leaving Kaiser alone in the guild. The man who saved him however slowly became his mentor training him in the art of magic, at first Kaiser used light magic, but for some reason he was incompetent at using it. He had no aptitude, so he went and attempted to learn fire magic. It ended the same, he had no aptitude for fire magic either, he even burned down the guild hall. So then he continued with each and every magic he could possible learn. Each one ending in some sort of failure.

Though he earnestly tried his hardest to learn some sort of magic so that he could keep up with everyone else. But unfortunately one cannot be in a magic guild and not know magic. So he was kicked out at the age of 15. Though he was determined to not give up and pleaded his former master to give him some sort of hint on a magic he could learn. His master expecting him to fail either way decided to give him the location to a place filled with monsters where one could learn a Lost Magic if one was suitable to learn it. Taking magical items to simulate magic and began a journey to the location.

Needless to say he barely escaped with his life. Arriving at the location he arrived to find no monsters attacking him, but instead just a single bald man sitting on a lone rock surrounded by fallen monsters. Kaiser asked the man where he could find the teacher of the Lost Magic. The old man just looked at him and pointing a single finger at himself. He was the master of the lost magic. Kaiser asked him to take Kaiser as an apprentice. The man merely laughed at him and asked to see Kaiser's magic. After Kaiser explained that he had no magic the old man responded that he would teach him if Kaiser killed 100 monsters.

From that moment all of the fallen monsters rose as if they were merely sleeping and attacked Kaiser. Kaiser wanted to run, he wanted to flee from this battle and head back to fiore, he even had the chance to multiple times within the battle. But something within him forced him to remain. He didn't want to go back to his sister with his head down telling her that he failed to be a mage, especially if she had to aptitude to do it. So even when every molecule of his body wanted him to retreat he remained to fight against the monsters. Suffice to say, Kaiser had no chance in hell in defeating them. They were faster, stronger, and could use magic without relying on tools. Even so, Kaiser continued to fight. The moment he felt like he was about to die he lifted one of his items summoning a powerful bolt of lightning to destroy himself and the monsters around him.. Or at least that was the plan.

The bald man decided to intervene at the last moment dispelling the illusion of a hundred monsters. He said that "While many people came for the magic, you were the only one willing to put your life on the line to obtain it even when your body wanted to escape against an unyielding force... That courage is needed.. in a god slayer." Kaiser not exactly registering that it was all an illusion passed out and the next day he begun his training to become a god slayer. After learning God Slayer magic, Kaiser rejoiced as he returned to the guild where his sister was waiting.

She clobbered him for leaving the guild and not informing her that he left and that he was gone for 7 years. Kaiser not having a good excuse was brutally beaten and kicked around for a week. Afterwards however he was allowed to rejoin Sabertooth and began to demonstrate his skill with his newly obtained God Slayer magic which also helped him learn other (simple non-elemental) magic as well. His sister however was forced (by him) to remain in school outside of guild's affairs to work and play as she pleased.

Have you read the rules?
<Aye, Sir>

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unapproved. Remember, god slayer magic doesnt just happen
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Approved! Have Fun! Smile
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