Agatha "Hazel" Arlnest W.I.P.

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Agatha "Hazel" Arlnest       W.I.P. Empty Agatha "Hazel" Arlnest W.I.P.

Post by Jt on Sat May 24, 2014 11:49 am

Name:  Agatha "Hazel" Arlnest

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Type of Wizardry (If any): Her magic is snowed and ice themed.
Due to her magic, she is able to make her body temperature colder. This means that in hotter weather, she can make herself feel like it's 60 degrees, and will not feel cold until around -2.3 degrees.(All Fahrenheit) It does have limitations, and won't protect her from fire and lava.
She can make ice walls to block projectiles.
She can shoot ice balls with a range of 30 feet and feel like someone getting nailed with by a ball of ice.
She can make a snowstorm, though only if there is snow near her.
She can make a giant Ice owl, though she can't move her body and this at the same time.
Hazel can use her ice to make various weapons, and so long as they are touching her, won't melt. She can also make armor like this. They do have the properties of a normal weapon and armor, though are a bit more fragile.

Guild (If any): Fairy Tail

Appearance (Pictures are helpful): Agatha "Hazel" Arlnest       W.I.P. Red%20eyes%20white%20hair%20anime%20girls%201280x800%20wallpaper_www.animemay.com_85

Love interest: Alexandra Caden

Personality: Hazel is usually seen by herself. She hates being judged as a witch, since most people do it without getting to know her. She is rather cold though, and tends to be quick to anger. More importantly, she is a bit too nice. Mainly to Kishin eggs or other witches, as she tries to convince them to drop their ways. She is not stupid, though, and knows when to stop talking and take action. She also hates talking about her past, and will always try to make sure no one knows about it. She is also not used to being flirted with, and will fluster very easily at compliments.

Likes: Quiet, baking, ice cream, relaxing, pervy stuff(Won't tell anyone), Alexandra, nicknaming people, snuggling, Ciaran, sewing, and coffee

Dislikes: Being embarrassed, exposure, losing control of the situation, Ciaran.


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